Saturday, August 29, 2009

Way to Fall

Alright so my first day at walmart wasn't to bad I think I might actually like the job, I didn't spend hardly anytime on the sales floor, even though yesterday I did spend most of my time on a computer doing training things. But I'm going to spend most of it my time there in the back unloading stuff off the trucks, and after that in done separating begins, then after that we take out the pallets to the floor, for third shift to put on the selves. Now it isn't a job I want to do to long but it's giving me a work out and the people are a riot. The funny thing is I'm getting worn out when there are a few older ladies ladies doing it to and they didn't get phased, while I started to have a hard time. They put me to shame, lol. The only really bad thing was I couldn't get to sleep until like 4am which really sucked So I slept almost all day and here in a few I have to get ready and do it all again.

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