Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Well, that's the thing about you humans. You can always see something that's invisible, but if it's staring you right in the face - nope, can't see it

6:30P.M. ish

Todays just been another one of these days, it wouldn't be to bad if I could just get out and do something. I mean It was nice going to lunch with my mom, but I need more human interaction. God I can't wait to start working even if I don't like it I just need out of this rut I'm in, Usually being back home I'm inspired to do more, to be great, but that inspiration is gone from this place. It's like I'm falling in to a black hole and Can't seem to escape it. Today I decided to write in my Note book again first time in to months, it was like a friend long gone, one that I was hoping never to talk to again, I have so many bad memories wrapped up in it that and some good ones in there to I guess. But it's an interesting little read if you want to get in to my head, and only one person has ever read it, and thats just because I was a mess and didn't have my head on strait. Now if I find someone I trust as well as I did them, When It's filled up I let them have a go. Now it's over 3 and a half years of my life wrapped up into it the little thing but if you would like a read let me know, I'm going to try and write in as much as possible the next few months until its full, I would like for it to be filled by the new year. But like I said If you want to read it when it's all said and done let me know.


Well, I had just closed my computer and never finished posting so Instead of just rewriting the above, I just figured make two different entries.

So around 6:30ish Andrew came over. I was good to hang out with him again before he went off to school tomorrow, at least I know he'll be home for the weekend and stuff so hopefully I'll have them off, but you never know at least not until tomorrow. But Andrew took me out to White Castle and the to see Inglorious Bastards, which was Fantastic, I love Tarantino's Dialog in every movie and this was no exception and a good change from his pulp culture filled dialog in his others. But this was the first movie I've seen in theaters since Harry Potter over a Month ago. I use to go all the time, one of the nice perks of working at one at the time. But even at school If there was a movie I wanted to go see I did. But that besides the point I guess one reason people hadn't been calling me to hang out was because they though I was shooting all week, when I have only done two days, SO YES I"M FREE, but not tomorrow because I'm am working. the only day this week that I have been. but Hanging out with my buddy was good, It made me feel better, just need to keep this up.

Now I have to get to sleep I have to be up early,

talk to you again soon

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