Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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Now I'm guilty of doing both, but I see talking on your cell phone no differently then talking to someone else in your. Texting on the hand yeah I should do it, because I know I don't pay as close attention to the road as I should, I try to to reply back to them while driving, but I will read them, and I try to keep that to only when I'm stopped at a light or something. And it seems that every time I drive I almost get into like three accidents because people don't pay attention. I think everyone could pay more attention.

Now as far as it being too graphic for TV, yeah I really think it is, something like this should be left to schools, I don't mind them using it, but just to be on TV I think is a little to much. They did a fantastic job at going for the emotional impact, and I really liked it. I could be used for alot of good, even just cutting the video down, and leave out the baby and the little kid, and then maybe use it on TV, but to me it's a little much.


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