Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's all Been Done

Ok so, it's been a while, lets just say that it's has been a somewhat wild. I Graduated from Full Sail University with a BS in Film. After that I moved back home to Indy. Not Very fun really and not the first place I would have liked to move after school, but I'm still doing it, still trying to make my dream come true. I just recently finished a short film called Love, Nathaniel, It was my first step producing, but I really enjoyed it, I did it as part of the Indianapolis 48 Hour Film Project, and it just recently showed at the IMA. During the past month and with the film I made some new friends, great friends, and reconnected with some as well, I really don't know how to thank them enough. Because of Love, Nathaniel a few more opportunities have come about, thanks to the band Black Hearted Hero. It's going to be fun working with you guys. Finding a job to pay the bills has been a bitch, I can't seem to find a job to save my life. I've applied to over 30 places and can't get shit.

Now usually when I do these, it's more of me venting and usually pissed off about the world, but I really don't have a reason to be anymore. The people I'm around make me feel good about my self. So there's is none of that. So sorry if I'm boring you, if so stop reading. I haven't watched to much TV since I've been back up here, so no reviews or anything, Besides what I've talked about I don't really have much to say.

The only really shitty thing thing is, everyone is going back to school, and here I am. Andrew and Chance are going back to IU, Edsel to Ball State, and my new friends are going to school to. Like so many other times I never know if this will be the last time I see some of these people again, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure I do, but only time can say. Hell I've only been out of College a month and the only person I talk to really Is Chris Danz and thats because we are doing these projects together. I know if I don't get out of here soon I'll go fucking nuts. I need to get money so I can move the hell out of the state. I need to get some where I can find work and still be happy.

I'll post Love, Nathaniel as Soon as I get it online.

Thanks For Reading.

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