Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If the only place where I could see you was in my dreams, I'd Sleep forever.

Not much to say today but I just wanted to keep with the trend, Hell I'm not even sure how many people read this, but I at least know of a few. I'm thinking about doing this with video updates but not really sure how that would turn out, but it's always an idea. Today was good thats about all to say really. Even though for some reason I got really motivated today, which is awesome then it kinda faded when I got home. So something else is telling me I need to get out, or maybe it was the joy of driving with the windows down listening to Music just like the good old days. It's sad but I really do miss that old car. I'm sure if I where to do some work with this one, it could get to that point but, It still isn't my car you know. I drive my dads jeep everywhere for the most part and every once in a while my mom's truck.

The Library has been good about getting me a bunch of Doctor Who stuff, mostly classic Who but some book, old VHS and DVDs. So alot of my free time has been taken up The Doctor. I've also gotten a few of the Original Sound tracks from episodes the longer have any surviving picture, Well, Sorta like an Audio Book if you want to say so. These are nice to put on when your working with on other things and just having these play, are great. I might even say better then watching the episodes, because it leaves alot up to your imagination while the alot of the Classic Who stuff is hard to watch, the easiest stuff for me to watch was the Tom Baker stuff I've seen with Sarah Jane. Over all it's nice to see and learn more about the Doctor but I'll still prefer the current Doctor Who stuff. And If you haven't watched it please read my review of Doctor Who (2005) on this blog as well.


See you Again,

David Aaron West

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