Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello! Oka..... New teeth. That's weird. So where was I? Oh, that's right --Barcelona!

Well Yet another day with out anything to talk about. I really do need to get a life. Which I do have my orientation at walmart on Thursday so at least my spare time that I have to get depressed will start to die off, and get a job will hopefully allow me to become social again. I am glad I have a few friends that don't care if I'm broke but I do because I feel bad when they pay for stuff. But hopefully that will change, I am going to open up two savings accounts + my checking account, one saving is for random stuff I want, trips I want to take, Movies, etc... the Second one is for my student loans and the Checking will be for my bills only. So hopefully I can finally learn how to manage money, because there are places to go and people to see, but thats hard to do If your broke. Now I did get in my 64 thousand dollar piece of paper in the mail today. 4-6 weeks my ass but it's nice to be able to hold the Diploma in my hands. Now if it could just start making me money I would be all set.

I have decide to grow my beard out long enough to cut it back in to a goatee, I just want to see how it looks, with somewhat short hair, but I'm going to grow It out to a point and see what I can do with it, and hopefully by that time I've lost some weight, If I keep at it I'm sure I will. I finally have the motivation I need to keep on it and not give up at it for once in my life.

Life is funny isn't it? one moment you can be the happiest guy in the world and the next you could be depressed beyond belief. Just being at home all the time is depressing. A few weeks ago I was the happiest guy in the world I could actually smile, now on the other hand I'm lucky to even chuckle. I don't get it, and it's not fair. When will I get that moment of true happiness, when will it be my turn. hello future this is David West talking.

Doctor Who Exit Interview: David Tennant and Russell T. Davies

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  1. I know just what you mean with your last paragraph, more recently for myself than ever. Of course, my happiness was dependent on a false source that I eventually saw through, leading into that depressive state.

    And yes, social, get to it. I'll do the same some time.