Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vote "a Comic Shop" For best of Orlando 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Vote for "A Comic Shop"

 #10 -Their Column on Newsarama, called "Shop of Ideas" about comic shop retailing,
 #9 - They created "MY Free Comic Book Day"
 #8 - Their charitable program, "Operation Sequential Art" They sell our Variants to raise money for the postage.
 #7 - Weekly TOP PICKS' videos!
 #6 - Weekly TOP PICKS,
 #5 - They never sell a comic above "cover price."
 #4 - They created the Zombie Emergency Defense,
 #3 - Creator Signings, They bring the creators to you!
 #2 - Graphic Novel Rental Program: Rent, Read, Return. Save up to 70% - 80%.
 And the #1 Reason is... The goal of everything we do is to grow the comic book industry.
Go to this site to vote:

You have to vote for 15 different place so here is a short list of place you might consider 
Best local big shot: Aaron Haaland or Jason Blanchard (We're competing to see who wins)
 Best local blog:
 Best local radio personality: Talk Nerdy to Me,
 Best reason to live in Orlando: "A Comic Shop"
 Best whatever: Hard Knocks Orlando,
 Best CD store: Park Ave CD's,
 Best T-shirts: Bold Hype,
 Best adult entertainment store: Fairvilla,
 Best bookstore: "A Comic Shop"
 Best comic book store: "A Comic Shop"
 Best local fashion designer: A Rare Bird,
 Best men’s fashion: Reign,
 Best skate/surf shop: Covert Skate,
 Best tattoo/piercing parlor: Ascension Tattoo,
 Best vintage clothing store: Etoile Boutique,
 Best vinyl records store: Park Ave CD's,
 Best wine shop: Park Wine Merchants,
 Best women’s fashion: Reign,
 Best Chinese: Panda Bistro,
 Best breakfast/brunch: Briar Patch,
 Best coffeehouse: Stardust Coffee and Video,
 Best late-night restaurant: Pom Pom's Tea and Sandwicheria,
 Best sub shop: Stacked Subs,
 Best sushi: Gizmo Sushi,
 Best tea house: Pom Pom's Tea and Sandwicheria,
 Best vegetarian/vegan: Dandelion Communitea Cafe,
 Best wine bar: Lake Eola Wine Company,
 Best art gallery: Bold Hype,
 Best open mic: Broken Speech Poetry Slam,
 Best shooting range: East Orange Shooting Sports,

Saturday, May 30, 2009

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Friday, May 29, 2009

A Whole New World

A Week Ago I started watching One of the longest running TV shows, Doctor Who. Now I started with the TV movie from 1996, which I enjoyed and would have like to have seen more with the 8th Doctor but oh well, then I moved on to the 2005 series and Again I fell in love with another TV show. It's just so different form any other show I've watched that I've become obsessed. The great thing with the 2005 series in the fact that you don't really need to have any pervious knowledge of The Doctor to enjoy the show and it will quickly pull you in. Never Have I felt this much compassion for one character thats I feel I've entered a whole new world. Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper are the reason I got so hooked, but even then I had no idea what to except with With David Tennant's Doctor. He blew my mind and I'm not going to lie I might have a little bit of a man crush, I just want to hang out with his Doctor. I think it would be a blast. Then I would love to marry Billie Piper's character Rose. Never have I ever wanted to be a part of a show then this, and I believe that I see some of my self in his Doctor maybe more then I would like to admit. Then came Torchwood not much to say I liked it alot, not any where never that of Doctor Who but it was a good companion to the show. Next is Season three of Doctor Who, which I felt was the weakest out of David's run but I felt closer to him then ever with trying to get over the lose of Rose and his struggle to move on, which I've had to face more often then not. I then moved to season two of Torchwood and Season Four of Doctor Who, This time I watched them somewhat back to back these seasons had more cross overs with each other and it was for the best it really made Torchwood seem more vital then it did to me the first season, plus it had James Marsters. And For this being Tennant last full season as the Doctor it did not disappoint, I can't recall a show ever having this epic of season Finally which was all the better with the return of Billie Piper as Rose made it all the better. I was sad to see it come to an end knowing that David's run would soon be over and a new Actor would take up the mantle, but it was a happy sad because it was a finally that every TV show wishes it could have. Now There are the four Doctor Who specials this year which I've enjoyed both of which have aired but coming off of the awesome season Four finally lack in comparison, The first of which being The Next Doctor, which was fun and it showed all 10 Actors to play the Doctors which was cool and all around fun. Then Planet of the Dead was fun as well but was still missing the magic I felt season 4 had. There are only 3 more outings before Matt Smith becomes The Next Doctor, which I'm sure he'll do a fine job but David Tennant will always be my Doctor.

Update: he is also going to be on two episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures as the Doctor

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Editing Demo

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Silence Your Cell Phone

Sorry for the bars and tone, but this is my edit for our commercial for Producing 

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lucifer Rising & Doomsday SPOILER WARNING

Now right a way those are the two very looming titles for last nights Supernatural and Smallville, both of which Rocked is the easiest way of saying it. Now I know not many people watch Smallville and the ones that don't all talk shit about it, but It is a really good show, not the best out there but it's better then the other super heroes show out there, but it's on the CW so people can just say shit about it. And the same goes for Supernatural it's right after Smallville on the CW so again people are reluctant to say anything good. Supernatural is one the most cinematic  shows on TV and it never gets the credit. Smallville had some rough seasons and those almost killed the show but this season proved to be one for the ages. 

Lucifer Rising, the season 4 Finally of Supernatural is one of the best they've had, ( Spoiler warning: none of the Winchesters die. It's a first for the show, ok season 1 but one died in the season premiere of season 2, but this time it left you feeling that season 5 is the season to watch, with the title of the episode, you can guess the out come, now all the seals but one have been broken and it's up to Sam And Dean to stop it, but this time they aren't working together after last weeks episode, But Sam has gone down the dark road to hell, while Dean has chosen to give him self up to the Angles of the Lord. Only Dean knows that Lilith is the final Seal and if she's killed Lucifer will rise. Well long story short Dean doesn't stop Sam in time and he kills Lilith breaking Lucifer out of the Pit. Leaving Sam and Dean at Ground Zero. So I'm hoping this next seasons picks up right here and not jump 4 months down the road. But I have I hopes, It could really be something to remember and look up to. If you haven't watched it please do it.

Doomsday, the Season 8 Finally of Smallville, was to say the least Bad ass, You've got the Justice League, Legion of Super Heroes and The Watch Tower. ( Which looks like the old set from Birds of Prey) Now it wasn't really all fun, one of the staples in the Superman Mythos Jimmy Olsen get murdered by Doomsdays human side, which proves to Clark that sometimes not everyone is worth saving. Green Arrow knew this and tried to do it right with the help of Impulse and Black Canary, but Clark couldn't see it that way until his Pal is killed. And Some way Lois is sent to the Future, by Clark's Legion Ring. The Episode concludes with Jimmy's Funeral, which has the League in attendance, and then to the Watch Tower in which Clark tells Chloe that he has to take up his mantle and leave his friends behind so they don't get hurt. Then the final Shot is At Lex's mansion, the Orb lights up and a Purple glow takes over the Mansion and a body appears In the middle of the Letter Z. Last seen when ZOD was taking over Lex

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sorry I haven't been on in a while

But I've had 12 hours of class just about every day with home work and It doesn't help that I saw Star Trek 3 times this weekend. On the bright side my roommate got a wii fit and I've been using it a lot the past few days. But I'll be back soon with my Star Trek review, Smallville and Supernatural season Finally reviews, and a new blog, see you then. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Season One Review The Big Bang Theory

With what I said yesterday, I had just started watching season one of The Big Bang Theory. And As I said then, its like I'm right at home watching this show. I'm not normally a fan of sitcoms but this show has caught me like If I fell in to the Great Pit of Carkoon and in to the Sarlacc's mouth. The amount of pop culture  references make me smile and laugh to the point of me looking at my own life and saying I could be worse, then I shake my head and realize that I could only way I could be worse if I knew Quantum Physics. 
The shows main characters are nerds Leonard played by Roseanne's  Johnny Galecki and Sheldon played by Jim Parsons, whose lives are turned upside down when the gorgeous new neighbor Penny, played by 8 Simple Rules star Kaley Cuoco, moves in next door to our two heroes. This is when Leonard decides to be the good neighbor and introduce them selves to Penny. Long story short Leonard starts crushing hardcore on the girl next door. Through out the season it goes to show that nice guys can get the girl even if I have yet to experience this myself. Season one is 17 fun episodes long with tons of laughs for everyone to enjoy. A lot of the jokes might not seem as funny to those outside the geek and nerd cultures but can still be enjoyed by all people, because everyone knows someone that can remind of the characters. 

If you get a chance check out The Big Bang Theory 
Season 1 on sale now

BIg Bang Theory

I wish I could write the words I know You all want to here, and I wish I could make everyone happy, but damn it's a hard world. I'm in a stale mood, I'm closing down upon the last few weeks of school and I have no clue what's going to happen. I do know this, I want to go and shoot Comics, right now it seems to be a good idea just no money. I need to start looking, really bad but I don't know where to begin. The shoots for 35mm went really well and I had alot fun but at the same time it showed me that there are alot of people in my class I really don't wont to work with ever again but I'm not going to say names because one day I might be depending on them for a job. While I know that if I ever get in a position to bring other people on to a shoot there are definitely People I would go to, Which happen to be the same people I want to bring on to Comics. I need James to finish his rewrite so I can do my final draft and start planing to shoot this with in a few months of me being home. I can tell this to the People how have read my pervious drafts it might not be recognizable and I feel it might be missing that David West charm. Which is why I'm doing my own draft after I get it back from him. 

Now this might come to some of you as a surprise but at the moment, I don't have any real drama going on, no one playing high school games, me not liking the wrong people, ect. It's kinda nice, My old roommate Kevin, moved out so now I'm not of the living room, which is awesome, I can finally have some alone time. Now that I have my won room I can get the rest of my stuff from the last place I was living, because for some reason he's been telling people that I left a bunch of garbage over there, which I don't get. 

On a better note I just started watching Big Bang Theory, this show makes me feel at home. I feel like I would fit right in with these guys. It's the one TV show that I feel gets the nerds right. To anyone out there  that has ever felt that they can't find a show thats for them and you can relate to check it out, so I'm mainly Talking to friends of mine, who I'm sure I've had some of the same conversations with.