Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BIg Bang Theory

I wish I could write the words I know You all want to here, and I wish I could make everyone happy, but damn it's a hard world. I'm in a stale mood, I'm closing down upon the last few weeks of school and I have no clue what's going to happen. I do know this, I want to go and shoot Comics, right now it seems to be a good idea just no money. I need to start looking, really bad but I don't know where to begin. The shoots for 35mm went really well and I had alot fun but at the same time it showed me that there are alot of people in my class I really don't wont to work with ever again but I'm not going to say names because one day I might be depending on them for a job. While I know that if I ever get in a position to bring other people on to a shoot there are definitely People I would go to, Which happen to be the same people I want to bring on to Comics. I need James to finish his rewrite so I can do my final draft and start planing to shoot this with in a few months of me being home. I can tell this to the People how have read my pervious drafts it might not be recognizable and I feel it might be missing that David West charm. Which is why I'm doing my own draft after I get it back from him. 

Now this might come to some of you as a surprise but at the moment, I don't have any real drama going on, no one playing high school games, me not liking the wrong people, ect. It's kinda nice, My old roommate Kevin, moved out so now I'm not of the living room, which is awesome, I can finally have some alone time. Now that I have my won room I can get the rest of my stuff from the last place I was living, because for some reason he's been telling people that I left a bunch of garbage over there, which I don't get. 

On a better note I just started watching Big Bang Theory, this show makes me feel at home. I feel like I would fit right in with these guys. It's the one TV show that I feel gets the nerds right. To anyone out there  that has ever felt that they can't find a show thats for them and you can relate to check it out, so I'm mainly Talking to friends of mine, who I'm sure I've had some of the same conversations with. 

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