Friday, May 15, 2009

Lucifer Rising & Doomsday SPOILER WARNING

Now right a way those are the two very looming titles for last nights Supernatural and Smallville, both of which Rocked is the easiest way of saying it. Now I know not many people watch Smallville and the ones that don't all talk shit about it, but It is a really good show, not the best out there but it's better then the other super heroes show out there, but it's on the CW so people can just say shit about it. And the same goes for Supernatural it's right after Smallville on the CW so again people are reluctant to say anything good. Supernatural is one the most cinematic  shows on TV and it never gets the credit. Smallville had some rough seasons and those almost killed the show but this season proved to be one for the ages. 

Lucifer Rising, the season 4 Finally of Supernatural is one of the best they've had, ( Spoiler warning: none of the Winchesters die. It's a first for the show, ok season 1 but one died in the season premiere of season 2, but this time it left you feeling that season 5 is the season to watch, with the title of the episode, you can guess the out come, now all the seals but one have been broken and it's up to Sam And Dean to stop it, but this time they aren't working together after last weeks episode, But Sam has gone down the dark road to hell, while Dean has chosen to give him self up to the Angles of the Lord. Only Dean knows that Lilith is the final Seal and if she's killed Lucifer will rise. Well long story short Dean doesn't stop Sam in time and he kills Lilith breaking Lucifer out of the Pit. Leaving Sam and Dean at Ground Zero. So I'm hoping this next seasons picks up right here and not jump 4 months down the road. But I have I hopes, It could really be something to remember and look up to. If you haven't watched it please do it.

Doomsday, the Season 8 Finally of Smallville, was to say the least Bad ass, You've got the Justice League, Legion of Super Heroes and The Watch Tower. ( Which looks like the old set from Birds of Prey) Now it wasn't really all fun, one of the staples in the Superman Mythos Jimmy Olsen get murdered by Doomsdays human side, which proves to Clark that sometimes not everyone is worth saving. Green Arrow knew this and tried to do it right with the help of Impulse and Black Canary, but Clark couldn't see it that way until his Pal is killed. And Some way Lois is sent to the Future, by Clark's Legion Ring. The Episode concludes with Jimmy's Funeral, which has the League in attendance, and then to the Watch Tower in which Clark tells Chloe that he has to take up his mantle and leave his friends behind so they don't get hurt. Then the final Shot is At Lex's mansion, the Orb lights up and a Purple glow takes over the Mansion and a body appears In the middle of the Letter Z. Last seen when ZOD was taking over Lex

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