Friday, September 11, 2009

Sympathy for the Devil - Supernatural Season Premiere (SPOILERS)

Supernatural did what it does best, it brought you to the edge of your seat right away. Picking up right where the lack luster Season 4 finally left off. Sam and Dean find them selves right in front of the open devils gate, from here the thrills never stop. The tension is strong between two brothers, seeing how things will play out with Sam and Dean will be interesting. At the end of Last season we saw them torn apart by Sam's decisions, that eventually lead to Sam releasing Lucifer from the pit. The title of the Premiere really suits the episode, it introduces you to Lucifer's host, a man in his mid 30's who's wife and family were brutally murdered, the devil promises him justice for what God has done. This premiere sets up quite a few interesting plot lines, including Dean being the Chosen host of the Angel Michael, Dean and Sam going their separate ways, the return of the demon Meg, and the suggestion of a Higher power then the angels on the Side of our Heroes. I'f You've never watched Supernatural this is not a jumping on point at all, but Season Four is on dvd now, you can pick it up and be on you're way, but if you're like me start from season one and become a fan of one of the most cinematic shows on television.
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