Thursday, September 10, 2009

Do you remember when we use to dance, and incidence arose from circumstance

So it's been a fun few weeks, not really, It sucks because I would really like to keep this going, there I was going at it ever day because I had something to tell. Here recently there hasn't been anything really tell worthy. And I mean this in a day to day basis, because lord knows I have stories to last a life time and I wish to tell the world all of them I can. Know there have been a few personal things that have happened but for once I'm not telling the world my problems. I'll just have to deal with them my self. Think of it as a Crisis of Faith, but when someone like me, who doesn't believe in god has a Crisis of faith what is it. Am I really the person I think I am, do my morals still stand, does the way I think of my self with my friends still hold as relevant now that everyone has gone our separate ways. At one point I would be at any of your sides at a moments notice, no matter the distance, and I've always have tried to be the friend that you all deserve. So if I've seemed different this past week or so, it's because I've really been thinking about this, It's a code I've lived by for years and part of it feels like it's been shattered.

Ah work at 4pm - 1am lovely.

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  1. In a weird sort of way, I feel like I wrote this blog.

    I've never considered a crisis of faith, given the same reasons you have, but I think it's something you'll see through when things start looking up again.