Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Sound of Drums: formspring.me

If you could plan a day with someone you haven't seen in awhile who would it be and what would you plan to do?

Go lunch or dinner, hopefully good chat, I would just like to talk to them for sometime, get caught up/ test the field. Then go to the movies or comic book shop, depending on who I'm with. Maybe do a bit or shopping or what not. If it the summer I like to go walking in a couple parks, so do that at some point maybe.

Right now a few people come to mind; Matt Lievertz, Ashley Pasch, Cassie Bubnis, Debbie Combs, Dustin Spain, Gabriel White, Jeff Murray, Leslie Albright, Michael Dicus, Michael Pandel, Paul Runko, Ryan Hase, Sean McBurney, Zach Mahassine

If I left you out I'm sorry

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