Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The American Dream

So a little project has been dropped in my hands, It's a short film about our American, or What the American dream is to us. We will be entering it in to different competitions Locally and Nationally if its Turns out well.

Questions to think about
- Who are the dreamers that inspire us today
- What is the American Dream
- How has the American Dream Changed over time
- How do divers Cultures view the American Dream
- How have significant historical events affected the American Dream
- How will opportunities of the 21st century Challenge T.A.D
-What makes Video/ Film an effective medium for sharing the American Dream
-What is Your American Dream
-How can your crew show your american dream in this medium.

I'm looking for Crew that can meet every Saturday or Sunday from now, until the week end of April 10 and 11 when we start shooting.

This coming Saturday or Sunday will just be us deciding on an Idea, coming together with what we think the American Dream is and a Concept for the short film.

Please let me know If you are all interested in working on this project, then I'll get you more information on Meeting places and time.

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