Monday, February 22, 2010

The Christmas Invasion:

What do you honestly think about Andrew John Crowley?

I love him, he's the closet thing I've Had to a brother, yet I will say he needs to get over him self, that The only way he can be happy Is to let him self be happy. It doesn't take much to ruin his day, He could get stopped at a light and it would piss him off the rest of the day. He needs to stop having such high Standard for not only women but everyone around him. I've told him this all before so I hope he wont get pissed at me for saying it again.

Ask me anything


  1. I definitely am a moody bastard at times, my various neuroses sometimes, so I agree with your first point. I probably should lighten up more, which I think I've done to a certain degree since being in college. I vehemently disagree with your point about women. At my age, there's no real incentive to settle. Maybe if I was nearing 40, sure then I'd agree, but to quote Mr. Wilson, "I'm so young
    can't marry no one." Granted that song wasn't written by Brian, just sung by him. I don't really think I have that high of standards. I want her to be intelligent, kind, interested in the same type of pop culture as me. Not necessarily the same bands, movies, or music, but ones in similar realms. Like, I don't think I'd share the same values as someone who thinks Nickelback is the best thing to happen to music. I'm more likely to get along well with someone who's favorite brand is The Breeders. I'm not super crazy about them, but it shows a similar appreciation of art as me. As an aside you're wondering why we can be friends if don't exactly we agree on music. We have similar interests in other areas and I'm of the opinion that that sort of thing is less a concern with friends. Essentially I want somebody who is passionate about something, whether that be books, movies, or art. As far as the physical side goes, sure I'm attracted to thin girls, but I also like curvier girls. The most important thing for me, physically is whether I find their face attractive. I think you can only call someone shallow if they only care about the physical aspect. Obviously I realize there's an element of that in attraction and we really can't change who we're attracted to. It makes no sense for me to date someone I'm no attracted to and vice versa. I'd never date a model if we had nothing in common and I'd never date a girl who liked all the same stupid crap as me if I wasn't attracted. No point in wasting anybody's time. As to your final point, I'm not sure I know what you mean, maybe you could provide an example of me doing this.

    I'll probably be expanding on the second point in a blog at some point.

  2. No one said anything about settling down, I dont plan on settle any time soon, i just want you to date people, I dont know how you can just blow off all these girls like you do, you profile people and instantly they aren't good enough for you, you don't give them a chance.

    then with the last point, you talk down to me and Mat, I'm sure you don't realize it but you do. Like we aren't good enough. I'm sure I'll do it to but I'll admit it.