Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Family of Blood:

Who are the few "Dream girls" that you know?

well, there are the ones that I've based my "dream girl" on such as Leslie, I love her to death and will always be there for her but I can't see my self with her. But I would be one of the luckiest guys in the world if I was. I wish I wouldn't have ran things in the ground with Jackie because she's was awesome. Then I love Mallory shes awesome, Chance is a lucky man to have her. I can make a list, but I'm not going to because If I were to there might be some people on it that would freak out and ruin our friendship if they knew I saw them that way. So I'm going to play it safe.

See I really haven't really ever dated that much so I kind judge my dream girls on ones that are already taken. So I know that I'm not just wishing to meet someone that isn't real that fits my dream girl standard, I'm just hoping to me one thats in to me.

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