Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"These Are the Voyages"

" These Are the Voyages of the Star ship Enterprise

It's continuing mission to explore strange new worlds,

to seek out new life and civilizations,

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before"

Captains Log

Star Date: 63366.1

So were do I begin,

I guess an update on my diet is in order, well Like most people figured I haven't done the Best I could with it, Mainly because no would take it seriously, and since I still depend on my parents for food and such, and they have no faith in me, and keep buying food I ask them not to, but ok when they don't buy me the foods I ask for its kinda hard, I'm still trying to walk/run my 3miles daily and work out, but With that I also lacked motivation, It's mainly because I would love a work out partner, someone to shape my self up against. So where I'm getting at is that, after the holidays I'm starting Fresh. I'm still going to do this so called half-assed routine, but I'm ready to go full Force, which Leads me in to my next point to make on this days fun filled blog.

So I'm no longer on Speaking terms with Jackie, believe me it's not for the lack trying to talk to her, But Fuck I Fucked up. I know that. I had a moment of weakness and let my emotions get the best of me. I went to her to vent to, and I guess she didn't like what I Had to say. I know I took what she said and Blew it out of the water, so I made some wrong choices after I blew up, and she said she didn't want to continue this friendship then the following morning, I did nothing but try to talk to her and get right with her. Then she told me to stop contacting her, and I just responded "well fuck you to then, and why did I even bother with you in the first place." not the best choice in words. So

fuck my life, right now I don't want anything then to talk to her, I know I'm the worst fucking friend in the whole world. Quick Question, to EVERYONE, am I really that hard to be friends with?


If you are reading this, I'm sorry, I was pissed when I had no reason to be and said things I didn't mean. If we don't talk, I don't want it to be like this. We are both adults and I'm ready to act like it.

Ok On to other News I only have about 20 Pages left in my note book that I've been keeping for 4 years come April. It's a weird Feeling, when it's done I don't want to keep it so If there are any takers on this, please let me know, and I'll give it to you. Basically anything that

you could ever want to know, about me it's in there, things I've never told anyone you can find out in here, it's a chapter in my life that I'm closing when this book is done.

Thanks For the Time

And Thanks for being there for me.

- David West


  1. Dibs on the notebook.

  2. You've been Dying to get your hands on it for years, lol

  3. In my past experiences, my old, personal notebooks have been primarily for burning, whether on completion of said notebook, or completion of a period of my life.

    But, my god, I'm so glad I could write some things down when I did, sheerly for the purpose of venting, but furthermore, for snoops to rifle through, read on, and reject me for me. That's the way it should be.

    Sorry to hear you're setting things back on your diet, but you can't blame other people for not taking you seriously. Just get serious and don't give anybody who doesn't believe in you two words in to get you down. Just make 'em wrong.

    Also, sorry to hear things with you and Jackie are in the toilet/well down the drain, but I've no practical advice on the matter.

    Keep on writin', man...

  4. Thanks Buddy, It's done me alot of good to vent, It's a weird thing, I hadn't really wrote down much in the Notebook after starting this Blog. I've thought about Burning it, but it just wouldn't seem right.

    I think me putting my diet on "a hold" is basically my mind I've been in but now that I really can't do anything about what happened, but really the hole thing with Jackie might just be the motivation I need to get my self to bust my ass.

    maybe this happening between the two of is a blessing, I'm thinking clearly for the first time in along time.