Thursday, November 12, 2009


Besides still not working nothing much going on in my life right now thats really anything to talk about, So I have to make my life a little interesting.

So the guys over on the Jinxworld forum started a Little thread call,

"How overweight are you, and do you care?"

And this got me really thinking, I read through the entire thread and It really inspired me to finally do something about it. My weight has always bugged me and has caused me to have some huge self-esteem issues, that I mainly try to keep to my self. But it's time that I fix this, I'm not looking to get ripped or anything I just want to slim down and feel good about the way I look, Now I've always been a big guy so I'm use to being large but In my opinion I don't look to bad for my weight I'm about 310 pounds 6ft tall, now I've seen people that weigh about the same and are about the same hight as me and look alot worse. I would like my goal to be about 260 by the end of January

Now I really don't have a clear plan on doing this but for the last two days, I've walked/ Jogged about 3 miles a day, I plan on doing this on a daily basis, I'm cutting soda out of my daily intake as well as my late night snacking. I would love to be able to be able to jog or even run the entire length buy the end of the month if that is at all possible. I'm still going to be doing this for sure over the weekend, while coming up with a workout that is right for me.

Here are a few Pictures to give you nightmares so Turn Back now if you want to save you're eyes, I'm going to be doing this about once a week or once every two week to give you all a visual update.


A Song For the wait.



You were warned


  1. i've been remiss in keeping up w/ the blogging world lately, so i missed this post. good luck with your goal! i'm hoping that by the time we each reach our goals, we'll feel compelled to keep going. better health and better self image awaits! i also feel compelled to end this with...

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  3. Thanks, I've been lacking at it as well, it's like as soon as I started this, my world Fell apart, and my family's great lack of support kinda made me crumble. But we've got to work through these small cracks and keeping on going, so come monday, I'm back to 100%