Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well, you went uptown ridin' in your limousine With your fine Park Avenue clothes You had the Dom Perignon in your hand And the spoon up your nose

So got to give me credit, I'm handling my current girl situation better then I would have thought. It Sucks not going to lie. I just wish she could see how much a douche her boy friend is. She's an awesome person and can do so much better, and I'm not saying me, but damn the guy is a controlling bastard. The guy just pisses me, alright get over it your girl friend has male friends that she wants to hang out with but can't because you wont let her. And not to mention he completely killed my trust with her in a way, because He's read our text messages, and found I like her, all the shit she's said about it him, and the fact I think he's a cock ass. So I can't help it if I'm hesitant on telling her anything. Just need to vent, thanks for listening.

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