Thursday, October 22, 2009


So As you can tell I lost my job at Wal*mart, So I jokingly called a coworker a bitch. To me this wasn't that bad, but the Bitch Manger can suck a big one. The event happened over a month ago, so I can't believe it took them this long, and it seems that someone just reported it about a week and half to two weeks ago. And on top of all the great luck I've had this week this was just the worst of the bunch. No instead of having bills and having money to pay them, now I'm back to having bills and no money. The whole thing is just stupid, I can sit there and be called a " Fucking Dumb Ass" and nothing happens to them, But no I bust my ass every time I was there and I get fired over some so simple. The Managers say that they look out for Wal*mart associates to the best they can, and that they're respect it the most important thing. Well fuck Wal*mart only a few of the Managers ever showed me any respected and none of the other even took the time to talk to me, The first time I talked to the Manager that fired me was Tuesday when she asked for my report on what had happened, So she had no Judge of Character. They don't me and what they have was out of context. Now I had asked to say good bye to everyone before leaving, and when I told everyone they were all shocked and asked why and when I started to tell them, the bitch manager came over and stopped me, then I got pissed and stormed off, then escorted out of the building.

I don't know why this upset me as much as it did yesterday, but It could actually be a good thing, at least now I wont get stuck there, and Maybe just happen to find a job that allows me to have a social life and not mention farther my career with took a back seat to me getting my bill caught up. The only reason I didn't blog about it yesterday is because I spent most of the Afternoon bitching to people. I was pretty rough right after it happened. So I called people to cheer me up. =)

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