Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Parting of Ways (I might get a bit bitchy)

Yet I might be to soon to say goodbyes, and to late for forgiveness. Now I know I've pissed alot off and burnt a few bridges, but there is nothing I can to about that, It's who I am. Now that our time here is almost over I don't really have much to say but it's been fun, but I'm not afraid for it to come to an ended, Im rather Glad. I'm might not have a job when I get out of here but that doesn't mean I'm going to give up, that just means I have to push my self harder and do my own thing until I get something. But I need to take sometime to find myself again, to find the me that I feel has been lost over my time here at school. I was going to try and make this all inspirational to the best of my abilities, which normally I'm good at but, right now I'm not in the mood. Now this isn't about anyone else It's about me, I need something to re-motivate me. Film has always been my passion. It's ways been what I saw my self doing. Now there are some people who chose to rub everything they get in to other peoples faces, they may not know it or maybe they do, but it is this that has proven to be my de-motivator. I find it fake, does doing this make them feel better about them selves? I don't know, so many people have egos that could fill the state of Florida just in side a class room. Then their are some people in our class that chose to belittle everyone else, when they are just as bad, weird, and annoying, as the person they chose to make fun of. Then there are the ones who I feel I can call friends and the reasons I made it this far, thank you guys. Now I'm talking to everyone take time to find how you are and stop being fake and find who you are, find what it is that made you want to be a film maker, me it's my story, that keeps me going but my story has gotten some what dull as of late. And it's time for the next chapter to being and it's sure to be an exciting one if the story is good enough to tell. After all I'm a story teller and I enjoy a good show. 

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